How to Astral Project

What ís Astral Projectíon?
Astral Projection ís the projectíon of your mental body to any
place outsíde your physícal body. To do thís, the mental body
needs a part of your astral body to serve as íts vehícle. ít’s not
an unnatural thíng to happen. ín fact, we unconscíously do ít two
to four tímes at níght, when we are asleep. Many líttle chíldren
for example report ‘flyíng’ dreams. Those weren’t dreams, but
astral projectíons. The real fun starts íf we can traín our beíng
to astrally project ‘at wíll’, or, ín other words, when we are
conscíous. When you are conscíously ‘out there’ (on the Astral
Plane), you can go anywhere you want, see what you want to see,
heal the síck, work some spells and meet the other beíngs on the
Astral Plane; the elementals, the guídes, other astral travellers,
earthbound spíríts, angels etc. You can even have Astral Sex! ít’s
even more fun than Netsurfíng!
How to do ít?
There are many ways to achíeve Astral Projectíon. ín fact, there
are about as many dífferent ways as there are practítíoners.
Shamans may call up on the help of nature spíríts to take hím out
of hís body. A tradítíonal Quabbalíst may medítate upon the path
between Yesod and Típhareth. A Golden Dawn or Enochían rítualíst
may use the ‘skryíng ín the spírít vísíon’ rítuals. So, there’s
not one way to do ít. Please remember thís as you go along and
feel free to make any adjustments you want to make to the
followíng medítatíon. As long as ít ‘feels ríght’, you’re doíng
fíne. The medítatíon ín thís text, however, was desígned to more
or less ‘brídge’ the dífferent methods used to Astrally Project.
ít’s Wíccan nor Crowleyían nor GD’ían nor whatever. The desígners
(Denníng&Phílíps) have taken a good look at all the ‘overlappíng’
poínts ín all those dífferent rítuals, and have concluded that
these ‘overlap’ poínts are the ímportant ‘poínts’ ín the process
of astral projectíon. They managed to sythesíze these poínts ínto
the followíng medítatíon.

astral traveling


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